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Front view of the proposed dwelling in Streetley, Walsall.


Positive response received for pre-application discussions with Local planning Authority for new house in the Green Belt.

Following an initial consultation with the client En-Plan: Planing & Architecture drafted a pre-application proposal to Walsall Council Planning Department showing how we would replace a stable block with a brand new dwelling in the Streetley area of Birmingham.


Streetly is a suburban area located in the Metropolitan Borough of Walsall, which is in the West Midlands region of England. It is not part of Birmingham itself but is in close proximity to Birmingham. Streetly is a residential area known for its leafy suburbs and is popular with commuters who work in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

Streetly is known for its open spaces, including several parks and green areas. One notable feature in the area is Sutton Park, one of the largest urban parks in Europe, which offers a wide range of recreational opportunities, including walking, cycling, and bird-watching.


The proposal utilised the the volume of the existing stable block to demonstrate how the new bungalow would have no more impact on the character and openness pf the Green Belt than the current building on site, and in fact the design would actually enhance the appearance of the locality.   The Council offered their backing to a formal application being submitted at a later date.

Openness is an important consideration in planning decisions in the Green Belt for several reasons:

  1. Preserving Rural Character: The Green Belt is typically designated around urban areas to prevent urban sprawl and protect the rural character of the land. Openness helps maintain the visual and physical separation between the city and the countryside, preserving the rural landscape.

  2. Visual Aesthetics: Open areas contribute to the visual aesthetics of the Green Belt. The absence of intensive development and the presence of open fields and green spaces enhance the overall visual quality and appeal of the landscape.

  3. Recreation and Access: Open spaces in the Green Belt can provide opportunities for outdoor recreation and access to nature. These areas can be used for walking, hiking, and other leisure activities, offering a reprieve from urban development.

  4. Biodiversity and Ecology: Open and undeveloped land often supports a greater diversity of plant and animal species. Maintaining openness in the Green Belt can help protect and promote biodiversity and ecological balance.

  5. Air Quality and Climate: Green Belt areas with open land can contribute to improved air quality and local climate regulation. Trees and open spaces can help filter air pollutants and reduce the urban heat island effect.

  6. Agricultural and Food Production: Some Green Belt areas may be used for agriculture, and the openness is important for farming and food production. Preserving these areas can help support local food sources.

  7. Historical and Cultural Significance: Open spaces in the Green Belt may have historical or cultural significance. Protecting these areas can help preserve heritage, traditions, and cultural values.

  8. Public Enjoyment: Openness in the Green Belt can provide a sense of space and tranquility, offering mental and emotional well-being to the public. People often enjoy the feeling of openness and natural surroundings.


In planning decisions, local authorities and planners need to balance the need for development and growth with the need to protect the Green Belt's openness and its associated benefits. The principle of "openness" is one of the key factors considered when determining whether development proposals in the Green Belt should be permitted, and it is often assessed alongside other criteria such as the impact on the environment, local infrastructure, and the overall purposes of the Green Belt designation.

If you would like to find out more about how our Planning Consultancy and Architectural Design Services can work in perfect sync to achieve a successful outcome in the planning system please CONTACT US and we will be only too happy to talk through any questions or development proposals you may have.


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March 2020

Planning Application and Building Regulations Approval received for new Place of Worship.

En-Plan: Planning & Architecture have secured this change of use for a new place or worship via Planning Consent from North Norfolk Council and subsequent Full Plans Building Regulationss approval for the revised layout.


New HMO approved in Bartley Green, Birmingham.

May 2023

Work commences on new HMO conversion in Birmingham following Planning Approval.

As Birmingham has an Article 4 Direction in place preventing the change of use from C3 Residential to C4 HMO use En-Plan successfully applied for permission to convert a fire damaged property in Bartley Green to a new five bedroom HMO.



March 2020

New Boutique Hotel Planning Application 
approved in Balloch, Scotland.

En-Plan: Planning & Architecture have obtained retrospective planning approval for a boutique hotel that was the subject of a Planning Enforcement case. En-Plan have been bought in and achieved the consent to allow the ongoing use of this business.


New nursery approved in Highgate, Walsall.

Februrary 2023

New nursery conversion commences in the Highgate area of Walsall following Planning Approval.

En-Plan successfully gained permission from Wasall Council for the extension of an existing residential unit, and the conversion of the ground floor to a childrens Nursery for pre-school children in the Higate area of Walsall.


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Februrary 2020

Holiday Let Planning Application receives approval in Bromlow, Shropshire.

Utilising the existing garage planning approval has been granted to change its use to a new holiday let in the heart of the Shropshire Countryside. The project will now progresses to the building regs stage. To ensure correct conversion techniques and fire safety.


New Vehicular Access Gates at 20 Valley Road Walsall.

Decemner 2022

New access gates and boundary treatment approved in Bloxwich, Walsall.

En-Plan applied to Walsall Council for permission for new electronic access gates and a new pedestrian gate for security reasons at a residential unit in Bloxwich. The application was retrospective in nature but Planning Permission was still garnted.


Shropshire Office


Back Lane

Bomere Heath



Norfolk Office

34 Queen Elizabeth Avenue

Kings Lynn


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