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Shrewsbury Planning & Architectural Consultants

“Experienced Planning & Architectural Consultants offering a friendly and professional service catering to all your planning, architectural and development needs in Shrewsbury."

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A little bit about what we do.


Preparation and submission of Listed Building Applications undertaken.



Full Technical Specification provided for any project from extensions to newbuild.



Full drawing and design service offered.  We take a creative approach to probelm solving through design.



Let us help you to un-lock the value in your land or property with a free no obigation consultation.

With offices in Shropshire and Norfolk "En-Plan: Planning & Architecture"  provide Planning Consultancy  and Architectural Services to assist clients from Wales to East Anglia and have an extensive history of deliverring success in Shrewsbury. From inception of the scheme, including drawings and planning/building control applications, through to completion we work on a range of schemes including; barn conversions, house extensions, agricultural buildings, new builds,  listed building consent, change of use applications, and Certificates of Lawfulness, and we pride ourselves on our dynamic and practical approach to planning and development. 

We are located just outside of Shrewsbury which is the county town and the largest settlement and contains about a quarter of the total population of Shropshire. It is the main commercial, cultural and administrative centre for Shropshire, with a catchment that extends into mid Wales.  The history of Shrewsbury dates back over 1,000 years, and the town has played a significant role in the shaping of English history. The area around Shrewsbury has been inhabited since at least the Mesolithic period (around 10,000 BC). The town itself was founded by the Saxons in the 9th century AD and was originally known as "Scrobbesbyrig. In 1066, William the Conqueror invaded England and brought Shrewsbury under Norman control. He ordered the construction of a motte-and-bailey castle, which became the center of Norman administration in the region. Shrewsbury thrived during the medieval period as a center of trade and commerce. It became an important wool trading town and was granted a royal charter in 1189, which allowed for the establishment of a market. The town's strategic location on the River Severn also contributed to its prosperity. Shrewsbury was frequently involved in conflicts with the neighboring Welsh kingdoms. In 1403, the Battle of Shrewsbury took place nearby, during the rebellion of Henry IV's former ally, Henry "Hotspur" Percy. The battle resulted in a victory for the English crown. During the reign of Henry VIII, Shrewsbury played a role in the dissolution of the monasteries. Many religious buildings were dissolved and their lands sold off. Shrewsbury School, one of England's oldest public schools, was founded in 1552 during this period. In the 17th century, Shrewsbury became a significant location during the English Civil War (1642-1651). The town initially supported the Parliamentarians but later fell under Royalist control. It endured two sieges during the conflict. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, Shrewsbury saw further development and growth. It became a center for textile manufacturing, ironworking, and brewing. The arrival of the railways in the mid-19th century further boosted the town's economic prosperity.

Shrewsbury continued to evolve and expand throughout the 20th century. In recent years, efforts have been made to preserve the town's historic buildings and maintain its cultural heritage. Today, Shrewsbury is a popular tourist destination known for its medieval architecture, picturesque streets, and rich history.

Shrewsbury's history is reflected in its well-preserved buildings, including its castle, town walls, and timber-framed houses. The town's vibrant history, coupled with its scenic setting, makes it an attractive place for visitors interested in exploring England's past.

At En-Plan have an excellent working relationship with Shropshire Council (who have now subsumed Shrewsbury & Atcham Borough Council) and a full working knowledge of the Planning Policy that covers the planning application process in Shrewsbury, and adopt a collaborative approach when working with the Council and client to achieve a successful outcome.  Our close working relationships with local authority planning and conservation and building control officers enables us to adapt to fast changing regulations and complete projects in line with clients’ objectives.  We offer a complete range of  Planning Consultancy and Architectural Design Services. This means we are one of the few companies that can offer a ‘one stop shop’ service from inception to completion in the Shrewsbury area. 

EN-PLAN routinely prepare and submit planning applications for a variety of proposals in Shrewsbury, ranging from small to medium sized redevelopments to larger development proposals and unique one-off projects for local developers and individuals. With a background in Local Authority Development Control, we have an excellent and up-to-date understanding of planning law and legislation. We also prepare Listed Building applications and Certificates of Lawfulness and can discuss any planning issues that may be affecting you as a third party.

Initial work often involves a planning appraisal, which will involve making an assessment of the physical aspects of the site and the relevant planning policies that apply. This background information allows us to develop a set of parameters that assist in the design process. Initially this may often be in sketch form in order to obtain pre-application advice from the local authority. Once we have established agreement relating to principles such as development, design, layout, scale, mass, density and form, we then progress with a formal planning application.

As part of our service we offer a free no obligation consultation to discuss your proposal as not  all development requires planning permission as some development is allowed, this is called permitted development.  You can find out if you need planning permission on the Government’s Planning Portal website.


Our role is to take responsibility. We see securing planning permission as much more than just complying with the relevant planning regulations. We believe in providing clear and concise recommendations, which identifies planning risk and opportunities and is part of a comprehensive analysis of all options for the site in question.

We have an excellent track record in achieving planning consent and provide our own in house architectural design service.  We can also provide your  with the additional specialist reports required alongside a formal planning application whether that be a Flood Risk Assessment or a Heritage Statement.

Post planning approval we can assist in discharging planning conditions attached to your permission and thereby speed up the delivery of your development and we can manage your Building Regulations Application and provide the technical detail required for this, thereby giving you approved technical specification with which to build from.

Please CONTACT US for a FREE initial consultation. We will be happy to assist with any planning and/or architecture related query to progress your project.  Please see our "PROJECTS" page for more examples of the work we have been involved in.


See what our customers are saying.


Review for Simon Smith – Planning and Development Consultant


‘ Simon Smith assisted me on a potential planning application which affected my property. His advice and professional guidance has proved invaluable.

He took all the time I needed to guide me through the complicated language of the application and how to effectively respond to my local Planning Application Office. With his help I received an immediate response and felt secure that my views would be listened to and there would be a fair consultation.

Simon provides real time, high quality professional and valuable advice. He strives to deliver Five Star service, concentrating on your concerns and I would not hesitate to recommend him’


‘Great job – well done !’

Jason Taylor



Shropshire Office


Back Lane

Bomere Heath



Norfolk Office

34 Queen Elizabeth Avenue

Kings Lynn


PE30 4BX

En-Plan: Planning & Architectue Chartered Planning Consultants for Shrewsbury.


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En-Plan: Planning & Architecture Chartered Planning Consultants for Shrewsbury.




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