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Location Plan for 3 Marbury Road Warrint
 New Balcony approved in Warrington. En-Plan: Planning Consultants for Warrington. New Juliet Balcony Apporved in Warrington.



Latchford, Warrington, Cheshire.


Planning Application submitted and approved for a new "Juliet" balcony and re-roofing of the existing ground floor extension

Following the applicants bad experience with their existing planning consultant they contacted En-Plan who drafted a scheme that was subsequently submitted to Warrington Borough Council Planning Department. The council have been happy to approve the proposal with no amendments and the applicant was happy that she would have a new feature balcony element that would lighten up the rear bedroom and allow her to enjoy the later evening sun from  an elevated position.  The development will prove a very cost effective way of achieving a real improvement in the quality of life of the owner and add value to the property for any prospective purchaser in the future. The Planning Application received approval in Septemer 2019.

A "Juliet balcony," also known as a "Juliette balcony" or a "false balcony," is a small, ornamental balcony or railing that is typically located on the exterior of an upper floor of a building. It is not intended for outdoor access or to accommodate people standing on it but is designed more for aesthetic and safety purposes. Juliet balconies are named after the famous scene in William Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet," where Juliet stands on her balcony, speaking to Romeo in the courtyard below.

Juliet balconies are often added to buildings for architectural charm and to create the illusion of a real balcony without the need for additional outdoor space. They are typically quite narrow and are often seen on the facades of older European buildings, especially in cities like Paris. While they don't provide the same functionality as a full-sized outdoor balcony, they can enhance the appearance of a building and allow for more natural light and ventilation in the associated rooms.

Do you always need Planning Permission for a Juliet Balcony?

Whether you need planning permission for a Juliet balcony depends on the local building codes and regulations in your area, as well as the specifics of your project. Planning permission requirements can vary widely by region and even within different municipalities or local authorities. It's essential to consult with your local planning department or authority to understand the specific regulations that apply to your situation.

In some cases, installing a Juliet balcony may not require planning permission if it is considered a permitted development or falls within specific guidelines for minor alterations to a building. However, in other instances, you may need planning permission, especially if your project involves significant structural changes or if it is located in a conservation area, a listed building, or another protected zone where additional rules and restrictions may apply.

To ensure compliance with local regulations and to determine whether planning permission is required, it is advisable to consult with a local architect or planning consultant who can provide guidance based on the specific circumstances of your project and the local zoning and building codes. They can help you navigate the planning permission process and ensure that your Juliet balcony project meets all the necessary requirements.

Do you need Building Regulations approval for a Juliet Balcony?

In many cases, you will need building regulations approval for the installation of a Juliet balcony. Building regulations are put in place to ensure the safety and structural integrity of building alterations and additions, including balconies. The specific requirements for building regulations approval can vary by location, but they typically cover aspects such as structural stability, fire safety, and means of escape in case of emergencies.

Here are some factors to consider regarding building regulations for a Juliet balcony:

  1. Structural Stability: The balcony must be designed and constructed to withstand the required loads and forces, including wind loads and the weight of people and objects. Structural calculations and plans may need to be submitted for approval.

  2. Fire Safety: Building regulations often include requirements related to fire safety, such as fire-resistant materials and access to fire exits. Your balcony design must adhere to these requirements.

  3. Means of Escape: Balconies may be considered as a means of escape in case of a fire or emergency, and as such, they must provide safe and accessible escape routes. Building regulations may specify the minimum width and height of openings and other safety features.

  4. Barrier Heights: The height and design of the railing or balustrade on the balcony are typically regulated to prevent falls and ensure safety.

  5. Drainage: Proper drainage and weatherproofing are often required to prevent water ingress and damage to the building.

It's important to check with your local building control authority or building regulations department to understand the specific requirements and procedures for obtaining approval for a Juliet balcony in your area. They can provide guidance on the necessary documentation, inspections, and any fees that may be associated with the approval process. Failing to obtain the required approvals may result in legal and safety issues, so it's essential to comply with local regulations.

If you would like to find out more about how our Planning Consultancy and Architectural Design Services can work in perfect sync to achieve a successful outcome in the planning system please CONTACT US and we will be only too happy to talk through any questions or development proposals you may have.



Swimming pool planning application approved.

November 2018

New basement and swimming pool approved in the London Green Belt.

En-Plan: Planning & Architecture have secured planning approval for a new basement development and swimming pool in the Metropolitan Green Belt in Essex.  The project has now progressed to the Building Regulations phase.


Greenfields Shrewsbury Suis Generis Front Elevation.

November 2019

7 BNed HMO approved in Greenfields, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Planning approval was granted for a 7 bed Suis Genris Use unit in Shrewsbury following a Planning Committee, where En-Plan were able to persuade memebers of the benefits fo the scheme, in terms of providing student accommodation in Shrewsbury.


Loft Conversio Planning Appliation Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

January, 2019

Loft Conversion application submitted in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

With contemporary zinc clad dormers to the front and rear to compliment the loft conversion, this application now approved by Shropshire County Council has the ability to add a real wow factor to the property located in Meole Brace, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.


Monkmoor Road Shrewsbury

September 2021

Off-road parking apporved in the Monmoor Conservation Area, Shrewsbury.

Utilising the front garden as a new off road parking area En-Plan werre able to convicne gthe Highways DEngineers and the Conservation Team at Shropshire County Council thta the proposed development posed no harm to the adjacent highway or the Conservation Area.


Planning Application for house remodel approved in Essex.

November 2018

Bungalow re-model approved in Upminster, Essex.

Utilising a contemporary materials palette and the inclusion of balconies to the first floor bedrooms this bungalow re-model approved in Essex and within the Green Belt has now progresses to the building regulations stage.


Hafren Road in Copthorne, Shrewsbury.

June 2021

House extension apporevd in the Copthorne area of Shrewsbury.

Utilising a contemporary materials palette this modern lounge extension has receievdd approval from Shropshire County Council.

En-Plan subsequentley worked with the owners to provide a detailed building specification for the proposed development.


Shropshire Office


Back Lane

Bomere Heath



Norfolk Office

34 Queen Elizabeth Avenue

Kings Lynn


PE30 4BX

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